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Valuation date: Timing is everything


In an uncertain market, the value of a business can fluctuate significantly over time so it’s important to choose a valuation date carefully. Often, the date is prescribed by law or a judge. But sometimes attorneys are allowed to decide between different dates. Here’s a closer look at this fundamental decision.

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Where’s the money: Ensuring fair outcomes in divorce cases


Unfortunately, divorce often becomes acrimonious, and that acrimony frequently centers on money. Allegations of hidden assets, or even fraud, can muddy the waters and heighten tension, making a fair resolution increasingly difficult. Especially when a private business interest is involved, valuation and forensic accounting expertise is key in helping spouses equitably divide their assets.

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How Capital Structure Affects Business Valuation


A company’s capital structure — essentially, its blend of equity and debt financing — is a significant factor in valuing the business. The relative levels of equity and debt affect risk and cash flow and, therefore, the amount an investor would be willing to pay for the company or for an interest in it.

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Quantifying Damages in Post-Acquisition Disputes


Merger and acquisition transactions rarely turn out precisely as the parties anticipated when they negotiated the deal and signed the documents. So it’s not unusual for disputes to arise over contractual purchase price adjustments, representations and warranties, and earnout provisions. Determining liability and computing damages in these disputes involves a combination of business valuation, forensic accounting and economic analysis techniques.

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How Does Industry Risk Impact Business Valuation?


There’s a trade-off between risk and return in business valuation. Investors expect to receive a higher return as the company exposes them to greater risk. Industry-specific risk is an important consideration when estimating an investor’s expected return. Here’s how business valuators measure industry risks and factor them into their analyses.

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