MFA Global specializes in providing valuation assessments to middle market private and public companies across a broad array of industries as well as serving as the preferred valuation and litigation support partner to Canada’s leading tax, accounting, legal and financial services firms.

Our specialty is independent valuation assessments for financial reporting, litigation support, transactions, tax-related matters and general business. Whether it’s for a merger, acquisition, sale, reorganization, economic damages/lost profits, shareholder disputes or matrimonial matters; MFA Global is well-equipped to handle your most complex valuation assessments and litigation support matters.

Valuation for Financial Reporting

Canada, U.S., IFRS

Purchase Price Allocation

Fair Value financial reporting for purchase price allocations

Fair Value Measurements

Fair Value determinations of a company’s financial instruments

Stock Based Compensation

Valuations for stock options and related plans

Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment

Comprehensive goodwill and long-lived asset impairment testing reports

Pre-IPO Valuation Support

Pre-IPO valuation support for both domestic and international IPOs

Embedded Derivatives and Hedging

Fair Value measurements of derivative assets or liabilities

Fair Value of Complex Financial Assets/Instruments

Complex financial instrument valuations using Monte Carlo Simulation, binomial and trinomial modeling

Valuation for Tax Purposes

Canada, U.S.

Corporate Reorganizations

Determination of fair market value of assets for corporate reorganizations

Income Tax Planning

Valuations for income tax planning

Charitable Giving

Appraisals of asset value for charitable giving purposes

Estate Planning and Estate Freezes

Valuations for estate and succession planning purposes

Litigation Support

Canada, U.S.

Economic Damages/Lost Profits

Economic loss quantifications

Shareholder Disputes and Business Separation

Determination of fair value of assets in shareholder disputes and business separation

Matrimonial Matters

Valuation of business interests held by each party in the dissolution of a marriage

Personal/Enterprise Goodwill Separation

Allocation of business value between personal and enterprise goodwill at time of sale or dissolution of marriage

Expert Testimony

Analysis, clarification and advice on
the business and financial aspects crucial
to a case as well as serving as expert
witnesses in court if necessary

Transaction Advisory

Canada, U.S.

Financial Due Diligence

Analysis and reporting on overvalued, undervalued and unrecorded assets and liabilities; review of forecasts and budgets; and assessment of prospective future operating results and cash flows

Qualification and Target Assessment

Identification and assessment of potential acquisition targets including understanding the potential for value creation and what drives it

Valuation of Acquisition Targets

Valuation of an acquisition target from both a financial and strategic perspective

Valuation for Sell Side Advisory

Assessment of strategic alternatives and determination of the optimum positioning of and a defensible range of valuation for a company

Deal Structure Advisory

Advice and support in structuring both sell-side and buy-side transactions

Negotiation Support

Negotiation of preliminary indications of interest or letter of intent as well as collaboration with counsel in negotiating definitive documentation

Post-acquisition Analysis

Evaluation of post-acquisition operating performance from the perspective of the acquiring company’s shareholders

General Corporate Advisory

Advice on complex corporate affairs in the context of corporate transactions

General Business Valuations

Canada, U.S.

Market Value Assessments

Assessment of the value of a business and other assets

Portfolio Valuations

Portfolio valuations for venture capital and private equity sponsors

Buy/Sell Agreements

Valuations for effective buy/sell agreements

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Valuation

ESOP valuation for plan administration, financial statement preparation and tax planning purposes

Valuation of
Intellectual Property

Valuations of patents, customers,
contracts, trademarks, etc.



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