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MFA Global is the premier choice in Montreal for business valuation, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and litigation support services. Our specialties include independent valuation assessments for financial reporting, litigation support, transactions, tax-related matters and general business. Whether it’s for a merger, acquisition, sale, reorganization, economic damages/lost profits, shareholder disputes or matrimonial matters, MFA Global is well-equipped to handle your most complex valuation assessments and litigation support matters.

We also work closely with businesses to ensure that effective reporting, accurate forecasting and sophisticated analyses are in-place and accessible to solve real business problems and drive better results. Through dynamic and forward-looking financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solutions, we help modern enterprises build and sustain data-driven, decision-making cultures and fuel future growth.

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The MFA Companies®


MFA Global Inc. is a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of The MFA Companies, a U.S.-based business consulting and financial advisory firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. As part of The MFA Companies, we are connected to over 170 professionals with a broad range of accounting, finance and business consulting experience that complements and enhances the services we provide to the Canadian market.

This affiliation with a leading U.S.-based business consulting and financial advisory firm has made MFA Global the ideal cross-border partner for both Canadian companies doing business in the U.S. and U.S. companies doing business in Canada. Moreover, this cross-border partnership has proven to be highly advantageous for companies entertaining acquisitions or divestitures on either side of the border.

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What Makes Us Unique?


Deep expertise to handle the most complex valuation assessments
The technical aspects of valuation and litigation support are complex, as are the myriad of operational, financial and market factors to be considered as part of the process. At MFA Global, we combine industry, financial and business experience to help define and direct your strategy, substantiate a position or protect an investment.

Our valuation professionals put into play a rare combination of specialized expertise and real-world experience in the complementary disciplines of financial reporting, litigation support, and transactions. This unique knowledge and comprehensive view allows us to encircle the valuation at hand to provide highly effective execution and education for our clients.

We emphasize a business-minded approach to performing valuations. That means the planning and strategic aspects of the exercise are inherent pieces of the puzzle, adding greater overall value to the process. At MFA Global, it’s more than just the valuation report. We guide you through the process and help you to make informed decisions regarding your complex transactions and strategic issues.


Independent financial insight and expert witness testimony for legal disputes
MFA Global’s litigation support services provide attorneys and their clients with a clear, concise financial picture of the litigation matter at hand. The intuitive financial insight of the MFA Global team plays a key role in assessing legal options and facilitating litigation strategy development. Attorneys can concentrate on litigation, secure in the knowledge that MFA Global is onboard to provide analysis, clarification and advice on the business and financial aspects that are crucial to the case.

Our team of qualified professionals also possess the competence and credibility to serve as expert witnesses in court, presenting findings and opinions with clarity, precision and personality. Furthermore, we are uniquely qualified to participate in the deposition process, as well as to serve as a key member of your team during settlement negotiations.


Forward-thinking information to fuel growth & sustainability
The financial planning and analysis (FP&A) experts at MFA Global are skilled at working with organizations to provide critical transparency and analysis as a means to help businesses make smart decisions and ensure they operate from their most advantageous position strategically, financially and operationally.

Our experts work closely with your business to ensure that effective reporting, accurate forecasting and sophisticated analyses are in-place and accessible to solve real business problems and drive better results.

The ability to ask and answer tough questions, identify and explain trends and run what-if scenarios makes MFA Global and its financial planning and analysis services an invaluable resource for high-growth, entrepreneurial organizations.


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